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Wye Fitness / MyWellness Data Merge

We are currently updating the Wye Fitness or Technogym Systems to allow for Class Bookings to be undertaken via the Wye Fitness App.  This involves the merging of data between two systems and involves a matching process.  Some members may have received emails from Technogym MyWellness already, but if you’d like to familiarize yourselves with whats going on…

Over the years within the Gym software (MyWellness, now know as WyeFitness) with different upgrades to Technogym’s systems and the introduction of the initial App (Pre Wye Fitness) some existing members may be on our system more than once.  This causes us an issue with our ultimate plan as we are wanting to use the Wye Fitness App for Class Bookings.  This will also make it easier for members to book onto and cancel places for all class bookings.  To do this we need members to have just 1 account. For members who have more than 1 Wye Fitness / MyWellness account we need to “merge” these accounts together.  This can only be done if:

  1. You are a current member of Wye Leisure
  2. You speak with a member of Gym Staff to ascertain if you have more than 1 account (Please come into the club and speak with anyone listed below)
  3. You install the Wye Fitness App onto you phone or Tablet
  4. We undertake a bit of “jiggery and pokery” in our systems
  5. You then log into the App where you should be asked if you’d like to merge the accounts into 1. (We’ll talk you through this part and hopefully be stood with you whilst doing it)

Please note that the email Technogym have sent out will not mean that the above isn’t still relevant and the above tasks may still need to be completed.

We aim to undertake this over the next 60 days and ask members if they may come to us to check if they have multiple accounts.  After 60 days we will have to undertake this task behind the scenes.  At that point if people who still have multiple accounts, we will have to pick one of the accounts ourselves and delete the rest, loosing any data collected or training programs within the ones we delete.

We do hope the above all makes sense and ask that you speak with either Robert, Ben, Thomas or any member of the Gym Staff.  Please speak directly with these people as the topic is slightly confusing and we have limited instructions to this group to ensure consistency.  If you are unable to get in to the club, please email us at and we will undertake the process over the phone with yourselves.