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Summer Bar-B-Q’s

This year we are making a change to the way we organise our Bar-B-Q nights and want to make sure all our members and guests are aware of the new system.

As we progress through summer and autum we will select evenings based on the weather forecasts approximately 3-4 days prior.  Once the date is set (and fingers crossed the weather holds), we will then send out an email to everyone who is a newsletter subscriber advertising the night.

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In previous years we have found pinning our hopes on just a Friday evenings too specific and hope that this way we may be able guarantee some better weather?

If you dont already receive our newsletter and want to receive notification of the BBQ’s then please click on the link below to signup and we will make sure you know each time the weather permits!

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Bar-B-Ques are open to members and non-members alike

On evenings where we are serving the BBQ menu we would not normally offer the normal menu in the Terrace Bar.  But we will make everyone aware of this when booking!

The BBQ Menu is designed to be, and is served in a very informal way!  Hopefully something like you may do in your own garden, just with out the washing-up!

To Download the Menu with Costs please CLICK HERE