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Spa Pool Closed for a while, here’s why


Some members who have visited over the past 2 days will note that the Indoor Spa Pool on the Adults Only side is currently closed. On Monday morning, whilst performing our regular pool water checks, noted that the dosing panel seemed to be faulty.

At first we thought it was going to be a simple fix and changed a few measuring probes and then cables, but this didn’t seem to work. After hours of scratching our heads and speaking to techy guys over the channel and making them think a-bit on what could be wrong, we have confirmed that the controller itself is faulty and a replacement is needed.

The Good news is that this morning we have confirmed the order for a replacement!! The bad news is that due to the festive season being upon us and that fact that the spare is coming all the way from Germany, we thought members should know this spa will be out of action until the end of the week commencing Monday 5th January 2015.

However, ALL of the other 4 Spa Pools including the large outdoor spa AND all other swimming pools are in full working order with no issues (tempting fate, we hope not!)