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Pool Hall 1 – Works Update – 24/07/15

Update on how the works have gone this week:

Work started on Sunday evening and have run 24 hours a day since then.

The new Sauna is finished (however we won’t be turning it on for a week or two, keep reading this update as to why) and 90% of the ceiling works are now complete.  Our painters will be gracing us over the next week or so to paint the little beams you can see in the new ceiling black, but this wont cause any closures.

On Wednesday evening we made an executive decision, deciding to rip off the tiles to Spa Pool 2 (The one in the enclosure in the family pool hall), as this made sense whilst we had the area closed off to undertake the sauna works.  The walls have now been re-cladded, tiles delivered and tillers are booked in for this Monday (27th July).

We expect the tiling works to take about 7-10 days and will keep this area closed off (both the sauna and spa pool) until the tiling works are finished, we have had chance to clean the areas and then get the Spa Pool water back up to spec’, before opening. 

We envisage opening up both the new sauna and the spa pool on or around Monday the 10th of August, if not before depending how the tiling goes.

ALL OTHER PARTS OF THE CLUB REMAIN OPEN!  Including Pool 1 (The main family pool), Spa Pool 1 in the family area and the Steam Room in the family area.  

As normal, we really do appreciate everyones patience and understanding whilst we undertake this work!