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NHS and Police Discounted Membership – Re-Application Process Starts Soon!

Any current member receiving discount on an old NHS or Police discounted membership will need to re-apply for this discount to continue.  Re-applications must take place between 1st January and the end of February 2017.  This re-application process is to prove any current member receiving the discount is still employed by the respective authority.  Re-applications can be undertaken in one of two ways:

  1. Online via our secure portal – CLICK HERE
  2. Bringing a copy of the relevant document to Wye Leisure for copying

What documents are need?

Employed by the Police = A photocopy of your warrant card or uploaded picture of the warrant card, via the portal

Employed by the NHS = A copy of your payslip and this MUST clearly show THREE parts – Your Full Name / The date (and be no older than 6 months old) / The NHS Logo – The remainder can be covered up

What happens if you miss the deadline? – Anyone who does not re-apply between the given dates will have their contract changed across to the standard rates in power at their next payment cycle (The next month, quarter or annual payment date).

Once you have completed the re-application process, we will update the relevant contract and this will continue in perpetuity until the next year and so on…  As previously advised, it is anticipated that these discounts will eventually cease in 2020.  No new members can apply to receive these discounts.

We thank members involved for their understanding during the process!