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Lisa Does It Again with Another THC

The most recent Total Health Club weight management course has drawn to a close.  After three months of hard work, a lot of lifestyle changes and a return to exercise for many, the participants on the course have achieved great results.One candidate losing almost two stone in just twelve weeks!!

The important thing to remember writes Lisa Quinn, is that this is only just the beginning of the journey and not the end of the course. The course not only looks at nutrition but also at lifestyle, your relationship with food, habits, triggers and why we eat. In addition it focuses on health, exercise and fitness. The participants all lose weight but this is not the most significant quantifier of their success. A reduction in body fat, a loss of inches & an increase in fitness levels are enjoyed by everyone who attends the course. The participants also gain the confidence to return to exercise and learn how food effects their body and health.
All of the participants have learned that they are not on a diet, diets don’t work. They have adopted lifestyle changes that they will continue to utilise long after the course has finished, meaning they will continue to see weight loss success.
Previous Total Health Club participants have continued to implement information they have learned on the course and a year after the first course has finished, one lady is enjoying a weight loss of over 4 stone!
Lisa Quinn is a Level Four Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant specialising in Obesity and Diabetes Management.
If you would like to get in touch with Lisa about the next Total Health Club Course, then please visit her website, or email