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Hydro-Spa Pool – Works Planned

Hydro-Spa Pool Closed – Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March

Over the past 6 months, as some members will know, we have had ongoing issues with the system controlling the Hydro-spa Pool.  This has resulted in intermittent closures of the Hydro Spa whilst we have attempted to “fix” the controller.  Enough is now enough and to ensure a consistent service we have decided to replace the controlling system in the plant room below.  This is not a small task and will take about 2 days to complete.  The works will start on the morning of Monday the 11th of March and fingers crossed we should have the Spa open for normal service on Wednesday morning.  We understand the popularity of this facility and give as much advance notice as possible of its closure.  Ultimately, we cannot continue with the old, unreliable system and need something not just more robust, but easier to get spare parts for.  We thank in advance for your understanding and as normal, all other areas of the club will be open as normal.