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Hydro Spa Pool – Closed awaiting parts

On Friday (30th November 18) we had an issue with the Hydro Spa Pool.  The control panel that runs everything, all of the pumps, air blowers and machines that keep it going went wrong.  Initially we though the issue could be fixed with a few fuses being changed but it seems the PCB board has gone. 

We have good news as the part is already on order but there is bad news as well, the part is not UK stocked and special order.  Rest assured, as soon as the part touches the club we’ll have engineers here to fit and the fingers crossed, things should be back up and running.

From a time-scale point of view, we know that things normally take 3-4 days to arrive from Europe and then a day to fit, but a further day and half to fill and bring back to temperature.  With the weekend included, we are looking at the Hydro Spa being out of action until the end of next week at the earliest.  We will however update here and Facebook if we get things running sooner. 

Obviously the remainder of the club is still open as normal and as you know we’ll always do our best to get things up and running as quickly as possible.