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Credit Bonus System – Now you can buy more with your credit!

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Starting on the 14th of January treatments and products within the Health, Beauty and Spa treatment range become part of the Credit Bonus Scheme and members will be able to pay for their treatments and products using their accrued credit…

What are the benefits of this system?

  • Each month we take an amount of money (specified by you) out of your bank account by Direct Debit and we add an extra 10% on top of that amount onto your credit  absolutely free of charge e.g: – You request that we take £25.00 from your bank account each month, we then add a 10% Bonus on top of this amount = Total amount of funds added to your credit for that month would be £27.50

  • Cashless system, no need to bring your wallet, just your membership card

  • Pay for your items at source, no queuing at reception on the way out

  • Credit can be used to pay for: Food and Drink, Beauty Treatments, Beauty Products, Guest Fees, Ancillary purchases like – goggles, arm bands, membership upgrades etc…

  • Download more details and a guide on how to set up – Click Here