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Cravings v Hunger

Lisa Quinn – Personal Trainer, gives the following advise on Cravings and Hunger

So what’s the difference?

Hunger is affected by hormones amongst other factors. Low blood sugar is one of the main factors and this is why it is important to keep blood sugar stable. Insulin also stop hunger in the brain so if you are insulin resistant you may experience increased hunger levels.

Cravings are felt in the head, whereas hunger is felt in the stomach. If you finish a meal feeling stuffed but still have just got to have that dessert, then that’s a craving! So is boredom eating because it’s a brain rather than a gut response. Cravings are associated with stress which explains why they can be triggered by sleep deprivation and the subsequent cortisol reactions.

So how to deal with it:
For hunger, you need to slow down digestion, so try foods with more water, fibre and protein, and remember, if you need the taste of something, like a pud, despite being full that is a craving.

For cravings the first thing to do is to check your lifestyle.  Stress, sleep and over exercising are the biggest culprits when it comes to cravings. Blood sugar regulation is also important so try to practice pre emptive eating.

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Try to do this weekly:
Rank your energy levels and your hunger/cravings on a scale 1-10
Ideally you should be a #1 for hunger and cravings, and a #10 for energy. Hunger and cravings above 5 and energy below 5 signals issues and means you are relying on willpower and that will eventually spell disaster so take steps to adjust.

If you can get the hang of this your fat loss results will be much improved as will your overall health and well being.

So good luck!

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