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Corporate Discounts

It is with great regret that we have made the decision to start a phased reduction on discounts given across all current corporate schemes.  This decision has not be made lightly and know it may be met with some upset, however we feel to ensure the future of the club and with ever increasing overheads, that these discounts can no longer continue.  As always we like to be open and honest, which is why we are giving members on any scheme six months’ notice of tariff changes.  If you are enquiring about discount as a prospective member, unfortunately all scheme membership discounts are now closed for new applications.

The vast majority of our members are not part of any corporate discount scheme and therefore this change may not effect you, other than a pending increase next April.  If you’re unsure if this does affect you, please feel free to download our current standard fees CLICK HERE and if your membership payments match up with these rates, you have nothing to worry about.

If you are an existing member on a current corporate discount scheme, your membership tariff will remain unchanged until the 1st of April 2016. We will be writing to all members currently on any discountable membership scheme about the changes and the tariff to which they will be changed across to at that time.  Some of our larger schemes we have decided to phase the reduction out over a period of years.  These schemes cover the NHS and Police, but in order for existing members within these schemes to continue receiving any discount, these members will have to re-apply on an annual basis to prove their eligibility.  For details on the NHS / Police phase out CLICK HERE for details covering any other corporate scheme please CLICK HERE