Please see our updates regarding COVID 19 on: the current lock-down, how we are re-opening, the safety measures currently in place and how we are handling memberships.  RE-OPENING ON WEDNESDAY 2nd DECEMBER



Our preferred system for Class Bookings is via the Wye Fitness App, unless booking for the following weeks class, whilst in attendance in the current class, on the booking sheet provided by the instructor.

Customers using the app have full control, 24 hours a day to make and amend bookings via the App on a Smart Phone or Tablet. The setting up of this app can be started by the customer, but Wye Leisure must approve and assign the ability to make bookings. Alternatively you can speak directly to our reception staff either in person on by phone: 01432 860860 – Option 3. Bookings will always be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Each class or event will have a maximum number of participants. Once this maximum number is reached, you will be added to the waiting list for that class.

All participants of any exercise class organised by Wye Leisure Limited must be aged 17 or over and must have completed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). If in the opinion of the trainer taking the class you are not able to take part in the class due to the questions answered on the questionnaire you may be refused access to the class and may be referred to your GP. PARQ’s can be completed online prior to attending or can be completed with the trainer taking the class. Please allow extra time to complete a PARQ on your first visit to a class. It is the responsibility of each user to bring to the attention of the instructor any changes which may cause the user to answer YES (when previously answering NO) to any question previously answered in any PARQ.
If attending a Spinning® class for the first time you will be required to undertake additional training to familiarise yourself with the equipment. Please make sure that for your first Spinning® class you arrive a few minutes earlier and make yourself known to the trainer, who will show you how to set up the bike.

The cost for each class will vary. Some classes will be included in the cost of your normal membership fees and others may incur an additional fee, please ask our staff when booking. Additional booking fees will be charged to any member wishing to attend a class out of their normal permitted hours of use. Furthermore, some club users receiving concessions will be required to make an additional payment before booking onto a class.

Any fees due must be paid on booking, we regret we cannot reserve a place on any class until all fees have been paid for. Booking fees can be paid for from a members credit, but are subject to the credit bonus scheme terms and conditions. If using the App to make bookings and the class you require shows “Exclusive Class”, it is likely the class is outside of your permitted hours and a payment needs to be made.

ALL CLASSES are bookable on a 6 day rolling time-line unless booked in attendance, on the booking sheet in the current class, to which you must have personally attended and taken part within the entire class. Participants booking for the following week’s class (while in attendance in the current class) cannot book for others who did not attend. Each booking sheet completed during the current class will be audited by the reception staff following the class. Participants adding their details to the Booking Sheet for the following weeks class must complete and write legibly both their name and date of birth. If our staff cannot decipher handwriting, customers have changed their names within the WyeFitness App or details are missing from the form, we will not be able to process the request.

WAITING LIST PROTOCOL – All waiting list are handled by the Wye Fitness App. Customers not using the App will not get notified if a place becomes available. As places become available the Wye Fitness System will send notification to EVERYONE on the waiting list, that there is a place (There is no hierarchy implemented). Bookings for this place will be made on a first-come-first-served basis to the person or people who book into the class from that point. PLEASE NOTE to receive notifications within the App customers must have turned on Push Notifications for Messages within the App and Notifications via Email for emails to be sent out. Additionally, customers unsubscribing themselves from email circulation within the Wye Fitness System will no longer receive email notification of availability and will rely on “In App Push Notification” only (If turned on).
Cancellations made by phone must be received by club officials within 2hrs of the session start time or before 22:30hrs (the day prior) if a class is due to start before 09:00hrs in the morning, to the duty reception staff by calling 01432 860860 – Option 3. Cancellations made via the App may be made 24hrs a day and up to 60 minutes from the class start time before incurring penalties. Any payments made will be credited to your Wye Leisure credit scheme account were this credit may be used as payment towards future bookings or other services provided under the terms of the credit bonus scheme. Any cancellation made after the 2-hour (or 60 minute period, if using the App) cut-off point will not be subject to any refund and will be treated as a “No-Show”. Participants of a class, who do not show will be treated as a “No-Show”. Wye Leisure will allow any participant 3 No-Show’s (however this number is left to the discretion of the club management) before you are not allowed to make any further reservations for any class organised by the club for a period of 1 month. This re-sets after 90 days.

You must arrive and be ready for the class in good time for the instructor to start promptly. The instructor will need to complete a register and you should make yourself known to the instructor so they can mark you in attendance. The instructor will not allow access to the class if in the opinion of the instructor you have missed sufficient part of the warm-up session. At such time you will not be entitled to any refund if any payment has been made nor any discount or refund for any costs incurred by yourself and you will be treated as a No-Show.

Wye Leisure reserves the right to cancel any class or booking at any time leading up to the session start time, without giving reason for doing so. Any payments made for the class will be refunded but members who receive the session as part of their membership package or joining fee will not receive any discount or refunds or for any other costs incurred. We will attempt to contact all participants of the class, if the class is cancelled, however Wye Leisure will not be responsible for any costs incurred for any travel to the club if we are unable to contact you prior.

If cancelling a class, the ruling for the advanced bookings will remain and any person who should have attended the current cancelled class will be automatically added to the following week’s class before the bookings open for the following week. At this time our staff will attempt to contact you to see if this following weeks class is wanted. Any other user whom would not be attending the current cancelled class must wait until the correct time to make a booking.

In the unlikely event we need to re-arrange the time of a class we will attempt to contact each participant of the class. Participants who cannot make the newly scheduled class may let us know that they will not be attending. In such circumstances the original participant listing of the class will be given priority when booking for the following week’s class BUT the participant MUST inform us at the time of cancelling if they wish to be added to the following week’s class. These newly available spaces (due to participants dropping out due to the class change) will be bookable for alternative members, however will not automatically entitle these “new class participants” the right to book straight into the following class.

By completing any reservation for any classes or bookings with Wye Leisure you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions in full in addition to Wye Leisure Rules & Byelaws.


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