Pool 2 – Closed tomorrow, ONLY for a few hours though!!

Hopefully some members have had a good read of our August newsletter already and will know that we are upgrading the filters to Pool 2 (The small swimming pool in the family area).  The company underatking the work have got on really well, BUT we will be closing this pool at 11:30am tomorrow (Thursday 6th […]

Pool Hall 1 – Works Update – 24/07/15

Update on how the works have gone this week: Work started on Sunday evening and have run 24 hours a day since then. The new Sauna is finished (however we won’t be turning it on for a week or two, keep reading this update as to why) and 90% of the ceiling works are now […]

Pool Hall 1 – Works Update – 15/07/15

Update on the Works Next Week: We have been notified that our New Sauna for Pool Hall 1 is ready a few weeks ahead of schedule.  This means we will also have the fitters undertaking works to the Sauna throughout the week.  The knock-on effect will be there may be slightly more disruption created during […]

Outdoor Spa Pools – Closed for Cleaning

Anyone visiting tomorrow, Thursday 25th June, please note that we will have the Outdoor Areas Closed Off for Cleaning. Hopefully we should have the area back open by 4.00pm at the latest!

Rubber Flooring in Free Weights Area

The two Bens (Ben the builder and Scott) were burning the midnight oil last night putting down a new section of rubber flooring in our free weights area.  Well done lads, it looks much better and far more functional!!

Spa Pool Closed for a while, here’s why

Some members who have visited over the past 2 days will note that the Indoor Spa Pool on the Adults Only side is currently closed. On Monday morning, whilst performing our regular pool water checks, noted that the dosing panel seemed to be faulty. At first we thought it was going to be a simple […]

Coffee Shop back in full force soon!!

We have been busy working hard on the Coffee Shop kitchen and are pleased to announce that things should return to normal on Thursday 5th June.  We would like to thank everyone for putting up with the builders during the past two months!

Plumbing Works Scheduled to Adult Shower Boiler

We have arranged for our plumbers to undertake some works to the boiler that supplies the two showers at the bottom end of the adult pool hall.  Over the past year we have had intermittent issues, where this boiler has “played up” and now feel enough is enough! The works will involve draining down the […]